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segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

On the big stage

On the big stage
On the big stage, we interpret, live and exist in large characters, or simple human beings.
We Arabs, Europeans, knights, ladies, mercenaries, querreiros and Romans.
We saw the war of Troy, the death of Socrates, the conquests of Cyrus and fall of Napoleon.
We were in castles, big gala balls, we were in caves, nomad camp and slept on the floor.
We saw the birth countries, peoples being wiped out, beautiful stories of love, Cupid in action.
We also saw the universe in constant metamorphosis, creating and destroying planets.
We saw human evolution, a great mixture of races with the sum of gametes.
We were in charge of major historical moments, coups and revolutions.
Bailamos large concerts, doing big performance, winning hearts.
We Arabs, odalisques, priests, pastors, or sultan.
We also cinganos monks live in China or Japan
Anyway, we all wanted to be, everything we could be, although it might not appear.

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