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quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Where is the love?

Where is the love? Is blowing in the breeze, the swaying in the sea, in this poet's soul, which fueled hopes.
Where is the love? That the bird that flies in the nectar of a flower, is also in the hearts of those who know what love is.
Is the plant that grows, grows without being planted, she knows that God has and will be loved.
Where is the love? Is the caring that makes you your pet, the cat, dog, coellhinho of so shrewd little eyes.
It is also the bee gives us honey, or brightness of the stars that watch us from heaven.
Oh! Love is the tool used by God to create the univesro, you create, I create.
Love is like the wind, like water .. does not smell or taste, but it is ubiquitous, try to feel love.
Where is the love? Love is subjective, abstract and concrete, however, only love will one day give love those too.
Love is enegia, generating intense light, the greatest expert on love, called and called Jesus, have faith, love, even if an enemy, this energy will, works miracles and back to be with you
Ai is the love ..

Celio Rheis

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