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terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Love ... Oh! love

Love ... only know love, that mama and I love, so I know and I can guarantee.
Who loves, forgives, understands, learns, understands to be loved and to people in general.
Because love is a state of mind, that in conditions amounting to almost angelic, just know where to do and be happy as children.
Love encourages the struggles of everyday life, making us never lose hope, who loves to see the colorful world, the sky more beautiful the moon brighter, finally who loves but does not see coal diamond.
Love is the energy that moves everything in the universe, in this plant, at sea look at the touch of hands, skin and heart.
Who loves you, fearless, shares secrets, things sad and beautiful things, those who truly love is forever with infinite passion.
Who loves not dependent on being loved, or snake feelings or loyalty, because only the fact of love, it's happiness.
Love .. Ah! Love, feel sexy, wonderful thing to feel good muto, who loves is happy to live, play smiling.
It is thus only one who loves whom and who ever loved, can know what love is!

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