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quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

My dream

My dream
Today I woke up .. I awoke from a lethargic, who dreamed of a magical dream, full of intense stories.
This dream, he dreamed awake, dreaming accompanied by immense crowds, dreaming of equality, freedom, brotherhood, in short a life worthy of humanity.
Came bright, leading his men, fearless forward, we heard phrases beautiful, very well thought out, echoing into infinity, heralding the dawn.
Heroes of May 1, killing themselves at work, the struggle of everyday life, dreaming of utopia, despite having lost the fight, to give his life in a sentence uttered in this way they talk.
There will still be days, it is with joy that our silence is now sealed, will be stronger than the voices now silenced us.
And you, Oh! Latin great friend who cured men, women and children, in their revolution, with a shrewd property, repeated with joy, they toughen up hay, sin ever have to lose it tenderly.
Worth it? Senor Che, will be worth wladimir mate, have given their lives for a people who did not learn to smile? The culprits are here.
Secured the legacy of your blood and sweat, freedom unencumbered by swords raised in the name of an unclean power, imposing a life without pain and people towards the world.
Every struggle waged every conquest achieved ... ... .. and now kicked their lives will be valid ..?
Others took the flag waved the story, if funtion rescuers, said heal the pain, relive all the flowers, or paint all the colors, but they were just rumors.
And the people? Still in misery, from ancient Greece, Socrates and Plato attempted revolution ... but oh! damn hemlock, has claimed the benefactor, who spoke only of love in his short life.
Until when? Man should be so cruel? Why not make this sliver of sunshine on a piece of heaven?

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