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quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

I Iove you, love you, I love you!

I love you, love you, I love you!
I thought it was friendship, all I feel for you, this feeling that there are smoother time I have here.
But there are days I have noticed, which is much more than I thought, is a strong feeling that I have never experienced.
Friends miss, it is natural to feel homesick, but I found that I need from you, his look, his voice echoing in my ear, makes me feel a thing I have ever known.
If agreed, I think of you, then comes a poem, if I sleep I dream of you, I'll melt with joy, it's amazing what I feel for you right now, I shudder at the entire body with this beautiful feeling.
It is visible to anyone who looks at me, an attitude or action clarity I now live, a beautiful passion, it is possible that not have, one day you finally, but I'm happy to dream and you want to me.
My darling, my love, do not know how to call you, but I feel great joy in being able to love, be loved is nice, however it is more love, who loves to feel good is what love does.
I stare at his image on the computer here, as I looked, calling me my love, ah! how I envy you, your cute pet, want to be in place to win your affection.
It is my days go by .. .. writing poetry, while tapping on the chest that love, matures, I do not know how much my heart will hold, it is as if in a stream, tried by the sea.
Oh riosinho small, support this ocean, as I tell her, love you, love you, team!

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