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quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Let me

Let me love you, but not love me, let me love you, even if not my name, call, let me love you.
Let me love you, standing here next to me thinking too much, or being beyond the sea.
Let me love you, dream with your lips, your lovely smile, getting lost in your eyes,
Let me love you, enlighten my soul, raise my self, my heart overflowing
Let me love you, no doubt of my feelings, is not only charming, it is love, not passion
Let me live, I also want to think, to be my wife, wonder or not.
Let me believe that you too emotional, you do feel something that thrills the heart.
Let me write your name at the very core of my being, have your beautiful picture in my head still, since dawn.
Let me take your picture, frame of hearts, emotions print to show what I feel in fact, overcomes all my passions.
Let me only your smell, stuck in my pillow, to impregnate me, so I feel the other night, even if the scourging alone, I finally got you.
Oh my beloved, my beloved muza, let me perpetuate it, I always love you, I want to wish you finally always love it

Celio Rheis

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