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sábado, 29 de outubro de 2011

Let us live our time

Let us live our time, from the first look, first words translate feelings, so was the internet, our start Cybernet, that you became my muza, my food poetic.
Since then my soul, and warmed up, lost his temper, seethed, my life so meaningless, gained new colorful, filled my heart.
And then our contact, who was already away, was his conclusion, claiming a hug, you broke space, oh! My God how much emotion.
When I looked into his eyes, held his hand, touched my heart in your chest, heart to heart, what passion!
And time stopped for us, I loved your voice, your caress I rejoiced, our mouths met, our souls entwined, our bodies floated.
But the unforgiving time, they did pass the annoying tik tak, warned us in every moment that it was time to stop, and then the time came, you had to leave because he had to work.
But I have great certainty, my eternal princess, now that our love is not over yet, he is forever and always, will continue

Celio Rheis

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