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domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

Routine Love

Routine Love
Good morning love, good .. he woke waited, quiet as they waited in the happy night I spent with you.
It was pure emotion, amazing magic, what love, what Fantazia, our night was beautiful how much joy.
I still feel, intoxicated with their affection, hug, your warmth, your mouth, your skin silky, soft smell that something tasty!
Even though I live a thousand years finally becomes impregnated your smell on me I want to keep this beautiful energy, that when I touch you I contagious.
However I live a thousand nights with you, or a thousand years perhaps, a thousand centuries as well, love you, want to feel pretty good.
Let's preserve our passion, our love beautiful, in total unity, writing in the stars or under the sea, I love you and love me, will always love you.
I've designed and tattooed in my heart, your name, your face, never goes out, will it hurt? I do not know, it is worth, for you bear this pain.
Now let me take your hand, go around aimlessly walking, seeing nature, watching the sea, rolling in the sand, kissing and kissing, lost in the street, watching the moon back home.
To get involved again, one another's arms, then fall asleep, so our love will be routine? No problem, if there is happiness, that's fine with me.

Celio Rheis

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