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segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2012

In Silence ..

In Silence ...
In silence I scream in silence I loved, in agonized silence, I cried in silence.
In silence I heard the beautiful melody in silence I would create the most lyrical poetry.
In silence I watched life go by, I smiled in silence not to cry.
In silence wildest thoughts, the most beautiful feelings in silence, the silence of the moment.
In silence, only the cry of the soul, the voice of the heart and internal struggle, not to invade the shadows with depression.
Everything happening there in midair, supposedly in the air, no one to hear, why cry? The silence was stronger, or hoping that someone cares.
Why cry? If should echo into infinity, nobody pay attention to side or forward, shouting to me only? Let the silence shout solemnly.
It is the poet of love, delight of the crowds, do we really planted the seed of love in their hearts? Will have really caused emotions?
Let the soul be taken by storm, let the silence speak up, let fly the mind, let's shut up in protest or to reflect on everything you feel.
Embrace the silence as her salvation, do this silence his prayer, enjoy this time, minutes or hours, and now it's just you, throw out all the woes.
Anyway silencio.navegando in the notes of the song, let it blow your heart to love, forget the words spoken, only felt meaningless, only life you have lived.
In silence ..... silent ....

Celio Rheis

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